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ABOUT  Felisha

Its funny, I am such a talker but when it comes to talking about myself I find it difficult. I guess this all began when I bought my first Nikon before a trip to Mexico. Even before then I was always taking pictures. I would make regular runs to the dollar store and buy a disposable cameras. fill them up and sometimes double expose the images because I forgot they were full. Those were good times looking at my six month old son with a tree growing through his head, we’ll call it interpretive art, LOL. It wasn't until I read this quote that all of that disposable drama made sense.

"If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left."

How true is that? I can remember visiting my family in Warrensburg, Mo when I was a kid and loving to go because I just knew I was going to have a great time there with my family. Now as an adult all I have are memories and photos of most of them and it seems as though the visits only happen for sad situations anymore.

The sad part is this is a situation we can all relate to. Because of this I decided that memories are worth having and if I couldn't take anything else with me when I left this earth then I could take my memories. So I better start recording them; I started documenting my life, my family as much as I could.

Anyone who is a photographer can understand how their children just love being in front of a camera. Yeah right! My kids were darlings until I would pull out the camera then the groans and looks of joy (disgust really) started. Trying to get a real smile was like grinding my teeth into fine powder and then trying to eat an amazing steak. It was time to branch out for my own sanity.

So I decided if my family was just as important for me to document then others may think the same. Thus birthing this amazing journey. Here at Meadowland Photography, you are family and the documentation of your story is just as important as my own. So let us document your beautiful family, senior, wedding, engagement, life event or just everyday because, one day it maybe all that is left.

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